Burn Fat, Lose Weight is not a big deal

How to Burn Your FAT Quickly

Jog to Lose, Walk to Maintain

Have you ever faced situation that you have done everything to lose weight but no result you get. Medicine, Dieting, Gym, etc…

With these all ideas only one thing happens and that is Money Waste

Here is there two ways how to reduce your weight, burn your fat.

1. If you are not hurry to lose weight or burn fat, you can use this long way. It will definitely burn your fat.

Early in the morning, have one glass of warm water. Add honey and juice of half slice of lemon. Drink this everyday, after 5-6 months you can see its effect. If your daily meal is heavy like non-veg, fried food then it can take more time.

2. Fast way to burn your fat.

You have to do same thing that I mentioned in way 1. In more, no need to spend money in gym, diet plan. Just do slow everyday whenever you get time. There is no fixed time for this actually. But in the morning 5 to 8 and in evening 5 to 7 is best time because on these times, our body have enough energy to do something and our food which we have taken in noon or night get digested.


So this way you can burn fat and lose weight definitely

Most of people having complaint that once I stop to go to gym or stop dieting my weight increase in double speed. But in this case it will not happen for sure.

Jog to Lose, Walk to Maintain

Yes, once you have lose your weight and satisfy with your body. You can walk daily to maintain that structure.

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