[SOLVED] Opencart Version Image Size Setting Missing

Image size missing in opencart admin setting

Following VQMOD extension will bring images sizes options in SETTINGS

Here are the steps to enable image sizes setting in opencart admin setting:

  1. Download a zipped file from this link. op-image-size-setting.zip
  2. Unzip it and you will see vqmod folder. Upload this whole folder to the root your store. Make sure you have installed VQMOD properly.
  3. That's it. Now you will see textboxes of image setting in opencart admin.
  4. This is step is very important to make your front store error free. Set following values in initial level then you can play with sizes. But don't keep any field BLANK otherwise in front your visitor may see error.

Category Image Size: 80X80
Product Image Thumb Size: 228X228
Product Image Popup Size: 500X500
Product Image List Size: 80X80
Additional Product Image Size: 74X74
Related Product Image Size: 80X80
Compare Image Size: 90X90
Wish List Image Size: 47X47
Cart Image Size: 47X47
Store Image Size: 268x50


I just know about this version that it is not available at there place. If you find missing in earlier version then do the same steps and you can bring those options there.. If you find some issue, just inbox me.

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